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About Us

School situated in heart of city Patran. Easy approach on two main roads. Gate no 1-kahangarh road, gate no-2 from Bhagat Singh chowk -Harpal Singh Ghagga Yaadgari Gate.


Our Vision

To be a world-class institution that nurtures talent and catalytically transforms the lives of its students through excellence in teaching,research, service and community development. To uphold a commitment to shaping lives through scholarly teaching and learning and that which contributes to an equitable and holistic transformation of society at large. Our Vision is that students leave school with: a set of moral values -honesty ,integrity,and fine judgement an enquiring and discriminating mind with a desire for knowledge. strong self esteem and high personal expectations. tolerance and respect for others

Our Mission

To create and sustain a communnity of lifelong learners in an environment that emphasizes literacy,critical thnking,humanistic and scientific inquiry The institute ahall provide a dynamic,challenging and ethical environment for pursuing high quality teaching,research,learning and service across all areas,where students, faculty and other key constituents can interact,collaborate and partner with the global community for the creation and dissemination of knowledge and transfer the lives of people throuth innovation and excellence in higher education.